Love YOURSELF Somebody

Find the one who loves you down to your very last drop

A flame of eternal, that warms you in and out and will never ever stop

And it will make you feel you're you're on top of the world, when you're the lowest on the totem pole

A love that makes you matter when no one else cares about you

A love that surrounds you


Love Yourself Somebody

Love yourself Somebody

Love yourself Somebody

Oh love love love

The way that I do


Find the one who makes you happy, when you don't have a reason to smile

a love that warms your soul, it heats you up when its Chicago cold

A love that makes days feel like weeks, you feel weak whenever you're apart

That John Q love that makes you give up your heart

When  you don't have a thing left to give


Love Yourself Somebody

Love yourself somebody

Love yourself Somebody

oh love love love

THe way that I do




Hook (2x)